What To Do at the End of Your Lease at Lion Country Kia!

The worst thing about an automobile-lease is that it eventually it unfortunately will come to an end. When that fateful day does finally occur, you have a decision to make regarding what to do next. Here are the main options you need to consider once your lease is up here at Lion Country Kia!

You can choose to buy your leased Kia model if you love driving it! When you signed your lease agreement, it contained a clause allowing you to buy the car or SUV at the end of the lease for a predetermined amount, called the residual value. This is for you if you want to keep your Kia for the long term.

Lease a different new Kia model of your choosing! This is a great option if you love leasing and wish to try out another new Kia model.

Walk away from the lease and return your Kia here in State College, PA. Once your lease is up, you have no more obligations to us or to the vehicle, and you can simply walk away. Make sure your leased vehicle is in good shape and you have not exceeded your mileage requirement.

Whatever you decide you want to do at the end of your lease, our financing team here at Lion Country Kia is here to help!

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