Preview the Kia Proceed Concept

Kia has given us a glimpse of what's in store for its new Kia Proceed Concept, which will be part of Kia's Cee'd lineup of sporty compact cars. The design features a long roof that, combined with the muscular lower body, leads way to the sculpted body sides which also features a Sharkblade C-blade C-pillar.

The interior features hand-tailored rippled black fabric that upholsters the seats with contrasting hand-painted satin lining the doors and going down to the foot wells. The knobs and controls are made of knurled aluminum.

The exterior of the new Kia Proceed Concept comes equipped with daytime running lights with additional illumination that highlight the car's fastback profile. In addition, the headlamps are backlit in red, there are stacked rear air vents, and large, six-spoke, 20-inch alloy wheels with central locking nut. Although some things on the Proceed are new, it will still feature some of the design elements you recognize in the Kia brand.

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