How Can You Tell if it's Time to Service Your Fuel System?

There are quite a few signs that your fuel pump may need a checkup. If you find your engine sputtering at high speeds or it struggles to go uphill, if your vehicle isn't seeing the gas mileage you expected or if your fuel pressure is just a bit lower than it should be, these are all signs of a faulty fuel pump, and unchecked, these issues can cause greater problems.

If your fuel pump isn't working properly, your engine will have to struggle to work without the fuel that it needs, and if it gets bad enough, your engine could simply stop working. That's why it's incredibly important to keep your fuel system well maintained, and to bring your vehicle in for regular service.

So if you're in the State College area, and your vehicle is suffering from any of the issues above, or if it's just time for a service checkup, then don't hesitate to bring it down to Lion Country Kia today!
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