Extra Vehicle Prep is Needed for Extreme Winters and Cold

Expert vehicle repair technicians, like those at Lion Country Kia, are always asked about the best ways to ready a vehicle for harsh winter conditions. The most important things to consider are fuel systems and sensitive vehicle body issues.

Whenever cold weather starts, you should take measures to make sure your vehicle can start and operate safely. When temperatures near the freezing mark, be sure to add a quality fuel line antifreeze before a gas fill-up. This will ensure that your fuel pump doesn’t overwork. It is also a good idea to have window cracks addressed before extremely cold temperatures happen. A small crack could turn into an entire windshield "spiderweb" in subzero conditions. Also, use a silicone paste on the seals of your vehicle’s door to prevent icing.

If you live in a city with especially harsh climates, you will have to take extra measures to make sure your vehicle is ready for the cold months. A local mechanic team can inform you about all of the standard precautions, plus all of the special car care concerns specific to your area.



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