Learn How To Jump-Start Ahead of Time

One tool to have in your car is a jumper cable. If you have ever forgotten to turn your lights off and then discovered you have a dead battery, jumper cables are a welcome sight.

Read your owner’s manual on how to jump-start. It is better to go over the steps before you have to do them in a real-life situation. Two terminals protrude out of the top of every car battery. Identify which one is positive. It can be red or have a plus marking on it. The other terminal is negative. It is black or marked with a minus sign. The jumper cables are color-coded to match the battery. Each end of the cable will have one black clamp and one red clamp.

Incorrectly jumping an auto can cause severe damage. After a jump-start, it is always a good idea to have a technician inspect the car and battery. Contact our service department at Lion Country Kia located in State College, PA if you have had to jump your vehicle.

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