Overheating Motors: What to Watch Out For

When a car’s motor reaches temperatures over 240 degrees, damage begins to occur. An engine needs stay between the ranges of 195 to 220 degrees. Anything over that means it is overheating.

Some signs are apparent, such as a steaming engine, the warning light comes on, or the dashboard temperature gauge begins to rise. Other signs of overheating are pinging sounds coming from under the hood, or a decrease in gas mileage.

Modern engines use antifreeze as the coolant liquid. It is circulated through the motor capturing heat then dissipating it through the radiator. Coolant lines can break or leak and radiators can become plugged with bugs or rust.

Another part of the system is the thermostat. Sometimes the engine is not overheating, but the thermostat is giving faulty readings.

An engine that is overheating needs to be diagnosed and repaired. Damage from any overheating can be costly. Contact the service department at Lion Country Kia located in State College to schedule an inspection today.  
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