Learn about Your Car's Gaskets

Do you know what your vehicle's gaskets do? We want to help you understand gaskets, so you can be a more informed car owner. Let the Lion Country Kia parts and service team help you understand the role of gaskets in your Kia vehicle.

Your car's engine and related systems have a variety of liquids and gases moving through them. Some of these must mix to move your auto. Others must not, and that is why cars have gaskets. Manufacturers use them to create a seal between two surfaces under your auto's hood. You have likely heard of some gasket types. They include head gaskets and manifold gaskets, for example. Common materials include thin, layered metal and rubber. Usage and time disintegrate gaskets, so you should have yours checked periodically to keep your car running strong.

Come to us when you have questions about gaskets or when you need your gaskets replaced. At our State College, PA facility, we can perform the full spectrum of expert automotive services.

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