Preventing Motion Sickness by Finding The Best Seat

Motion sickness is common whether you're traveling several miles or a short distance in State College. It can also occur while riding in any vehicle aside from a car. If at all possible, drive the vehicle that you're in so that you're in control of the speed and the motion. Many drivers experience less motion sickness episodes than those who are passengers.

Avoid consuming everything from food to alcohol before traveling. If there's anything in your stomach while you're traveling, it can tend to make you feel sick if you are impacted by the movements of the vehicle. Spicy foods and those with a higher fat content are among the worst to consume as they are heavier on your stomach.

If you're traveling in a vehicle other than a car, then consider sitting in the middle of the plane, train, or another type of vehicle. These are usually the areas with the least movement, decreasing the chances of getting sick.



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