The Difference Between Oversteer And Understeer

Each manufacturer configures their vehicles differently, and these differences can be apparent in basic functions like steering the car. Understanding the difference between oversteering and understeering can help you when it comes time to explain how your car functions to a mechanic.

Oversteering is quite similar to how it sounds; when steering a car into a corner, turning too sharply beyond what the driver intended. Understeering is the opposite. As the driver turns the steering wheel, the vehicle turns less than it should. The cause of these conditions could partly be how the car is manufactured and can also be the result of front- or rear-wheel drive design.

Front-wheel cars have a tendency to oversteer, while rear-wheel cars understeer. These factors can come into play when road conditions worsen due to bad weather, and it's important for drivers to anticipate and compensate for a smooth ride. If you'd like to discuss these conditions further with a mechanic, you're invited to stop by Lion Country Kia. We're happy to help you understand your vehicle better.



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