Keep Safe While Driving by Avoiding Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning is the cause of serious and even fatal accident every year. Hydroplaning is caused when a car's tires lose their grip on a wet roadway. Tires end up slipping and skidding when hydroplaning. There are a number of strategies you need to employ as a means of lessening the odds of hydroplaning.

Keep your tires inflated all the time at a proper pressure. Rotate tires as recommended. Replace worn tires in a timely manner. These are all important elements of lowering the odds of hydroplaning.

Other tactics to employ to prevent hydroplaning include lowering speed when facing inclement weather, avoiding sudden or quick turns, and hard brakes. Try to drive in pathways created by other motorists in the roadway water.

More information about hydroplaning and other safety hazards is available to Lion Country Kia. The tea at the dealership is located conveniently in State College.



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