Gaskets: Proper Care and Maintenance

Do you know what a gasket is? It's always a good time for learning more about your vehicle's function, and here at Lion Country Kia, we want you to know as much as possible.

Gaskets Keep the Fluid In

So what is the purpose of a gasket? A gasket performs an impenetrable bond between two surfaces. These are what keep the oil and coolant inside your engine.

Proper Maintenance Is Key

Staying on time with your vehicle services will help prolong the life of your gaskets; all gaskets fail over time.

Use the Proper Fluids

Using manufacturer recommended fluids for your vehicle will help keep all of the gaskets functioning properly.

Common Failures

​You will know a gasket has failed or is starting to fail if there is fluid leaking out of your vehicle onto the ground. Visit us in State College if you need service done to your vehicle.


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