Two Things To Know About Applying Touch Up Paint

Touch up paint can restore the new, unblemished look of your car's finish. To get truly impressive results, however, State College drivers have to know how to apply these products correctly. At Lion Country Kia, we're committed to helping you get the most from your automobile and from all of the maintenance that you perform to keep this investment in excellent condition.

Use The Manufacturer's Color Code When Ordering Touch Up Paint

Your choice in paint colors is critical. The surest way to get an exact match is by relying on the factory color code for your auto. Check the dash near the car's VIN number to find this information. You can also look for it in your owner's manual.

Give Your Touch Up Paint Ample Time To Dry

?When touching up your car's paint, you always want to give it plenty of time to dry. Avoid excess sun exposure and all weather extremes for at least 24 hours. In fact, you want to limit your driving time as much as possible throughout the curing process. For professional help with your touch-up paint projects and other maintenance tasks, come to Lion Country Kia today.


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