Kia makes several outstanding vehicles. Kia drivers often maintain loyalty to their preferred brand. Drivers interested in keeping their Kia vehicle working properly know they need to take the model to a service station for routine maintenance.

With the summer months approach, getting the Kia current with its routine maintenance schedule could make June, July, and August travel less stressful. At Lion County Kia in State College, we offer comprehensive routine maintenance service all during the year, and we do encourage Kia owners to come by for summer specials. You probably have a lot of traveling in mind this summer, and summer maintenance gets the car ready.

Time for an Oil Change

Never overlook the fundamental aspects of vehicle maintenance. Your Kia could probably use a summertime oil change, and it's always a good idea to get the service done on time. Dirty oil does not benefit the parts of an engine at all. If you let too much time go by, the sludge buildup could create troubles. If sludge does build up, our team is available to clean all that sludge out of the engine. A better plan involves changing the oil at the designated mileage point or when the old oil reaches six months of age.

Do you want conventional, high-mileage, or synthetic oil? We can accommodate the request. And you won't have to wait too long for the oil change either.

An oil change does open the door to replace the air filter and look under the hood. The car's belts might be more worn than you thought. You probably don't want to deal with a disabled vehicle, so getting to a belt change before it snaps makes sense.

Keep the Brakes in Good Shape

Roads and highways tend to crowd during the summer. People are vacationing and traveling all over. You want the brakes to work, and stop the Kia on a dime. If the brakes are not in good condition or leaking fluid, you run the risk of an accident. Brake replacement or resurfacing gets done after someone performs a reliable inspection. Ask us about a thorough assessment that involves removing the tires and looking at every segment of the system.

If the vehicle needs work on the brake pads, rotors, or another part, or requires a brake line replacement, we can handle the job. Don't let too much time go by, though. If you need work on the brake pads, rotors, or another part of the system, or require brake line replacements, we can handle the job. Don't let too much time go before getting the work done in Bellefonte or Phillipsburg.

Looking Over the Tires

Make sure every possible aspect of tire care goes according to plan. Neither over or under-inflation is any good, and you don't want them suffering from slow leaks, cracked sidewalls, or worn-out treads.

One of the best times to check your tires is during a rotation. Besides allowing us to examine the tires, the rotation itself helps keep the treads from wearing down unevenly.

If you need new tires, our service team will help you out. We can order the right tires that best suit your Kia.

Wheel Alignments and Tire Care

Wheel misalignments happen. Even a small amount of impact can knock wheels out of alignment, affecting performance and handling. Poor alignment can also degrade the tires. There is no guessing game with proper alignment. A technician measures the angles, matches them to the factory specifications, and then makes any corrections if necessary.

Coolant Exchanges and Other Services

The radiator relies on coolant, and a coolant flush might be necessary to keep the car from overheating. Coolant loses its capabilities over time, so don't skip a coolant flush when its due.

The team can also handle fuel injector cleanings, transmission fluid changes, and wiper blade replacements. Ask them about available specials, too.

Schedule an Appointment Time

Contact the team in State College to set up an appointment. The service department at our dealership wants to help you and your Kia with routine maintenance this summer. We encourage our Altoona customers to contact us today to learn more about our new inventory and stop by our finance center for quick and easy approval.

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