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Understand the Costs of Owning Your Dream Car

When you are considering purchasing a car, you have to know if you can afford that or not. You need to know if you can purchase your dream car and actually afford to keep it around. It is smart for you to consider the costs of owning your dream car before you make a car purchase.

Think about the costs of insurance and look into the various options that are open to you. Figure out what you will be paying each month to keep your car insured. Consider the cost of fuel and the fuel-efficiency of the vehicle that you…

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Take the Pressure Off and Pre-Qualify for Your Next Auto Loan at Lion Country Kia!

One of the best things that you can do for yourself during your next vehicle-purchasing experience is to get your auto loan pre-approved before you make your way over to Lion Country Kia. Gone are the days when after you have spent all of that time picking out the car you want to buy, you have to spend the next hour or two doing the paperwork for the loan without any confirmation that you will be approved.

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What To Do at the End of Your Lease at Lion Country Kia!

The worst thing about an automobile-lease is that it eventually it unfortunately will come to an end. When that fateful day does finally occur, you have a decision to make regarding what to do next. Here are the main options you need to consider once your lease is up here at Lion Country Kia!

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It's No Tease: That's a Quality Kia Lease

In our last post, we told you about the benefits of buying a used Kia. Let's shift our focus to new Kia vehicles this time. Many State College drivers think that in order to drive a new vehicle, they have to take on a big loan. We're happy to tell you that a lease is an efficient, easy, and affordable way to drive a brand new Kia! Here are some highlights:

  • With a lease, you don't actually have to pay the full amount of your vehicle. You only pay for the term of the lease.
  • Your monthly…
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